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Thomas C. Esakin

Sustainable development is increasingly becoming a topic of importance to human beings and their diverse societies. Yet it can often be a challenge to find websites on sustainable development (SD) that offer clear, concise and understandable explanations of this dual concept and practice.

In a personal, approachable, interactive and professional manner, this website aims to do just that.

First a disclaimer: in no way do I profess to be an expert in sustainable development. That said, now a caveat: no any one person can ever really claim to be an SD expert. For sustainable development as a practice will, by its inherent nature as a concept, differ everywhere it is applied. This is because earth’s natural environment, the planet’s local ecosystems and biodiversity, and human societies and cultures all differ at each and every location of earth.

Tom Esakin

This natural complexity is, in part, a reason why sustainable development is often said to be a journey over a destination. That SD can never truly be arrived at for it is something always being put in to practice. And no matter the location where we find ourselves on our shared planetary home, the long-term destination that sustainable development appears to be moving us toward will seem very different to each and every one of us.

Confused? You need not be. It is just that sustainable development presents a view of earth’s natural systems and humanity’s place within these in a very different perspective than those views which we, as human beings, have been more recently taught. Keep an open and willing mind, and you will easily find yourself naturally following the discussions.

Through this web-site, I hope to help you understand a bit more about sustainable development and its path that humans are increasingly - and often reluctantly - realising we must now necessarily follow. This includes my sharing in this site some of my own experiences as a practitioner of SD, which may or may not offer you some hints on first steps to take on your own SD journey.

Of secondary importance, this web-site also shares some personal and professional information on me: Thomas C. Esakin.

So join with me on the journey to sustainable development. We can first begin by grounding ourselves in the strength of the concept. Then we can begin the practice of sustainable development by exploring its spectrum of endless possibilities: all of which are pursued in our world that SD embraces as wonderfully entailing constant change and ongoing uncertainty.

With the success of sustainable development being highly dependent on the exchange of ideas and opinions from people in all walks of life, I encourage you to post your Thoughts on Sustainable Development at the same-named blog linked through the homepage of this web-site. As I personally emphasise to those university students to whom I have taught SD, there are neither right nor wrong questions or answers in life: there are simply a variety of different ways to understand and then live our human experience. So post away! All your ideas will help enrich our individual and collective understandings about SD ... particularly those ideas of yours that challenge what some of us might think is already true.

Additionally, I warmly welcome you to send me any questions, comments, or observations on SD, as well as your personal ideas for improving this web-site. Simply click on the Contact Tom link, also found on the homepage of this website, and I will reply to your e-mail as soon as I am able.

Welcome to this, the first step in our shared journey together in sustainable development.