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Local Agenda 21s

While “sustainable development” is each of a theory, approach, and practice, as a term it often specifically refers to the theory underpinning the practice. Local Agenda 21s - also known as LA21s - are themselves often the primary way to refer to the actual practice of sustainable development at any given local level. The outcome of an LA21 process is a Sustainability Strategy.

Agenda 21 (a reference to a new human Agenda for the 21st century) specifically refers to the United Nations document of the same name that was agreed to as a sustainable development framework and high-level (macro) plan of action for humans and their societies. This document was agreed to by more than 178 national governments participating at the 1992 Earth Summit (UN Conference on Environment and Development) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

You can access the Agenda 21 document for free through the following web-link:

(no date). Agenda 21 [online]. United Nations Environment Programme. Available from: [Accessed: 28 August 2013].

Through their having signed on to Agenda 21, national governments encourage that LA21 processes and their related Sustainability Strategies be developed within their countries at all levels of government, by all businesses, industry, NGOs, and at any level of community including even at the level of household.

Please read on for more information on Agenda21, LA21s, Sustainability Strategies, and the practice of sustainable development at the local level.

(For information on the theory of SD, see the Sustainable Development section of this web-site.)