Life Path

Thomas C. Esakin highlights a career path strengthened by an abiding interest in human well-being and its...
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Strategic Management |+| Program Design & Facilitation |+| Educator |+| Therapist

"A curiosity for life. Joined to a skill to analyse systems and synthesize interconnections. Alongside a genuine interest in human well-being and cultural diversity. Beside a passion for sustainability. And the will to be an ethical leader. This opens life’s opportunities to me in its diverse moments."

Thomas Esakin

BUILDING To collapse

BUILDING To collapse (Un)sustainability is like a House of Cards: one card, just too many, and then... Fwoosh! All tumbles down. Centuries ago, a known...
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In places where there are no good people, be a good person.

― Yiddish Proverb

Every thought you think is generating your future. Every act you do is cultivating your future. Every word you speak is creating your future.

You must become aware of the thoughts you are tossing out into the universe.

― Confucius

Reflections from Tom

The Individual is the collective. The whole is the part.

"Each human has inherent value and personal knowledge to share, to help humanity learn about earth's collective whole through awareness of its individual parts."

The Individual is the collective. The whole is the part.

Sustainability = Respect.

"Sustainability is grounded in an inherent respect for all."

Sustainability = Respect.