To briefly sum up my professional life, it is grounded in human relationships and in helping to build stronger human societies. I arrived at my passion for sustainable development through four distinct career streams, the: Canadian political arena, NGO field, academic community, and corporate sector. I thrive in sustainability for, in it, I appreciate the field’s breadth in that it identifies interconnexions and solutions amongst the collective social, environmental and economic dimensions of our human societies. In sustainable development, I specialize in Strategic Management for Sustainability (Sustainability Planning and Sustainable Development Strategies), Leadership (Governance) for Sustainability, and Educating for Sustainability.

Canadian politics grounded me in the skill of big-picture thinking, the aptitude for achieving results with governments and the civil service, the art of diplomatically working alongside the diversity of humanity, the ability to engage in fast-paced communications and media messaging, and in the techniques of fund development.

The NGO sector grew and refined my senior manager profile by honing my strategic planning and senior administrative abilities, expanding my human resource skills, advancing my fundraising proficiencies, broadening my communications aptitude, and introducing me to sustainable development.

The academic sector strengthened my skills in research (theoretical and applied), writing, communications, and both educational approaches and educational styles; all in-general and for sustainability in-particular. Through sustainability capstone projects undertaken with corporate clients and which I supervised for learners in the post-baccalaureate Certificate in Sustainability Management programme at the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University, I learned to further develop, hone, and refine my skills, abilities, and practice in Sustainability Planning and Sustainable Development Strategies developed for companies and NGOs.

Corporately, I am engaged as Principal of Sustainability Change Solutions and Director-General of Sustainability Change Solutions de México, S.A. de C.V.; the first being a private consultancy based in Toronto, Canada and the second an incorporated company based in Villahermosa, Tabasco, México (SCS Canada/ SCS Mexico). Both entities engage corporate clients by tailor-crafting sustainable development solutions connected to:

•  Sustainability Planning and Sustainable Development Strategies (strategic management for sustainability – groundwork, baseline development, refinement, and implementation);

•  Benchmarking (deliverables and performance);

•  Employee engagement (design and facilitation);

•  Education and training programs (design and delivery);

•  Research (related to sustainability, sustainability governance (CSR and ESG) and best practices);

•  Stakeholder engagement ( identification, mapping, process design and facilitation);

•  Briefings (on trends and best practices); and

•  Solutions (identification and development). In sustainable development I have blossomed, for in this field I build on all my previous professional experiences to now work alongside my fellow humans in sight of the goal of helping us collectively vision and then practice ways for achieving the best possible shared global community for current and future generations of humans and for other life forms on earth.