The Ides of March.  Earlier this month, a colleague of mine who reviewed my website advised me that he thought it reads as “wordy”.  That is probably true for many people, as I purposely write to explain Sustainable Development (SD) in some detail over writing about it for entertainment. 

Yet, wanting to accommodate those folks who might prefer word-lessness, this month I offer a short poetic insight in to SD.  While I cannot claim to be an accomplished poet, I did write this reflective poem as a way to help briefly capture some of the deeper essences of SD. 

As always, please do feel welcome to share your thoughts on this blog-spot or on any other matter related to SD.

The message of Oneness

Eternally embraced in a heavy darkness,

With life’s light gently shared by a neighbourly sun,

Earth radiates a speck of imperceptible blueness;

Deep in the bosom of its singular universe home.


Separateness is unknown by Mother universe,

For in Herself the universe can only be One,

This Oneness is the universe’s ancient message;

To forever remind: “As above, so is it below.”


Undeterred human mites mindlessly choose separation,

Dividing life even when Mother universe intones certain unity,

A regretful sigh: daughter Earth violently convulses;

With humans gone, rightness in Oneness is now restored.


Forever remember choice seeds human action,

And consequences are the fruit of all human choice,

Accepting Earth’s Oneness is within human choosing;

So Oneness’ fruits can be nurtured and deliciously savoured.

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